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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I access discounted shipping rates?

Upon approval, you can access discounted rates for parcel carriers.  LTL and Local Courier rates are available immediately upon sign-up.

Can I customize labels and tracking notifications for my shipments?

Yes, with ShipFare, you can customize labels and tracking notifications to better match your brand and provide a seamless customer experience.

What is the Box packing algorithm and how can it benefit my business?

The Box packing algorithm is a feature in ShipFare that automatically selects the optimal box size for your shipments based on the dimensions and weight of your items. This helps to reduce shipping costs, minimize waste, and improve overall efficiency in your packaging process.

How does the Product Kitting feature work in ShipFare?

Product Kitting allows you to combine individual items into a single, bundled product in the platform. This simplifies the shipping process, reduces handling time, and can lead to potential savings on shipping costs.

What is the Perishable Insurance feature and how does it help protect my shipments?

Perishable Insurance provides coverage for shipments containing perishable items, such as food or flowers, in case of damage or spoilage during transit. This added protection ensures you don't lose money on damaged goods and can maintain customer satisfaction.

How does ShipFare's Live Rates at Checkout feature benefit my online store?

Live Rates at Checkout enables real-time shipping rate calculations to be displayed on your online store's checkout page. This provides a more accurate shipping cost for your customers, improving their shopping experience and reducing abandoned carts.

What is the Weather Algorithm in ShipFare's Enterprise plan?

The Weather Algorithm is a feature that considers weather conditions and forecasts when determining the best shipping options for your packages. This helps ensure timely delivery and reduces the risk of delays or damage due to adverse weather conditions.

How does ShipFare's Claim Management feature help me handle shipping issues?

The Claim Management feature streamlines the process of filing and managing claims for lost, damaged, or delayed shipments. This saves you time and effort, while helping to resolve issues quickly and efficiently.

What are External Carrier Accounts, and why would I need them in my ShipFare plan?

External Carrier Accounts allow you to connect and use your existing shipping carrier accounts with ShipFare. This provides you with more flexibility, enabling you to take advantage of your existing shipping discounts and carrier relationships.

Can I add unlimited users to my ShipFare account?

Yes, with the Enterprise plan, you can add an unlimited number of users to your ShipFare account. This allows you to scale your business operations and provide access to your entire team as needed.

How do I integrate my online store with ShipFare?

ShipFare offers a variety of integrations with popular ecommerce platforms. Simply select your store's platform from the list of supported integrations, and follow the provided instructions to connect your store with ShipFare.

What is API Access, and how can it benefit my business?

API Access allows you to integrate ShipFare's features and functionality directly into your own applications, tools, or systems. This provides a more seamless shipping experience for your team and customers, while enabling you to create custom workflows tailored to your business needs.

Never Ship Alone

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Through our shipping community of 1,500+ perishable CPG brands, we can tap into rates only available to the largest companies in America. Our customers have saved hundreds of thousands in shipping fees in the past year alone. You can do the same by integrating ShipFare with your store today.

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Testimonial Fabalish
“ Shipfare enabled us to ship our products even faster to our customers while also making it cheaper. Most of all, the platform is easy to use and their customer support is stellar. So happy to have partnered with them. ”
Testimonial Balkan Bites
“ Before partnering with Shipfare, we had no choice but to pass on our high shipping costs to customers which prevented many from ordering. Most of the negative feedback that we received had to do with the cost of our Overnight Shipping. Shipfare has allowed us to decrease our flat rate shipping fees and offer Free Shipping nationwide for orders of $100 or more. We've seen a big uptick in orders from customers around the country. ”
Testimonial Appleton's Market
“ Shipfare has built an incredibly user-friendly interface that works really well with my Shopify store. It is a great one-stop shop to see all of my rate and configuration options and pick the one that works best for my business. Having the ability to send my products overnight has led to a lot of delighted customers and repeat business! ”
Testimonial All Fresh Seafood
“ We've been using Shipfare for almost two years. The dashboard is very user friendly along with there aggressive shipping rates makes it a must. There support is probably one the best I've seen. Great job team Shipfare! ”