E-Fish & ShipFare


E-Fish, a leading online seafood platform, promises the freshest seafood delivered from the dock to the door in less than 48 hours. With a commitment to sustainability, direct vendor relationships, and nationwide shipping, E-Fish needed a shipping partner that could match their ambition and dedication to quality.


ShipFare Solution

  1. Unified Shipping Platform: Their direct relationships with vendors and farmers were integral to their business, but managing these connections was becoming cumbersome. We brought everything under one roof, consolidating their shipping platform to streamline these relationships. This move drastically reduced the operational hours they previously spent juggling multiple platforms and tools.
  2. Perishable Insurance: Understanding the value of their shipments and the potential losses from spoiled or lost packages, we introduced a perishable insurance solution. This ensured that even if unforeseen issues arose during transit, they were covered. As a result, they saw a significant reduction in monthly losses, safeguarding their bottom line.
  3. API Integration: When they approached us with their unique business model, we recognized the need for a tailored solution. We set up a custom API integration that seamlessly fit into their complex and evolving operations. This not only provided them with unmatched flexibility but also saved them significant resources, eliminating the need for extensive development on their end.
  4. Reduced Transit Time: Time is of the essence when shipping perishable goods. We optimized their shipping routes and processes, cutting their time in transit and potential delays by half. This ensured that their customers always received fresh products, further solidifying their position as a trusted supplier.
  5. Service Upgrades: We recognized the importance of timely deliveries for their perishable goods. Whenever there were delays, we proactively provided free service upgrades, ensuring that their shipments reached customers as quickly as possible. This not only preserved the quality of their products but also enhanced their reputation for reliable deliveries.
  6. International Expansion: When they expressed a desire to reach customers beyond their immediate market, we facilitated their international expansion. With our expertise, they successfully began shipping to Canada and the UK, tapping into new customer segments and increasing their global footprint.
  7. Scalable Solutions: As their business grew, so did their needs. We worked closely with their team to understand these evolving requirements and implemented new features that further optimized their operations. This proactive approach ensured they were always a step ahead, ready to meet the demands of their expanding customer base.
  8. Unparalleled Support: Shipping can be complex, and challenges are bound to arise. We were there for them every step of the way, offering unparalleled support. Whether it was delivery re-attempts, troubleshooting issues, or answering carrier-related queries, we ensured their team had the answers and solutions they needed, when they needed them.


Thanks to ShipFare’s tailored solutions, E-Fish has been able to focus on what they do best: providing fresh, sustainable seafood to their customers. The partnership has not only streamlined E-Fish’s operations but also expanded their reach and ensured the quality of their product upon delivery.