Comprehensive Perishable Logistics Solutions

Simplifying Parcel, LTL, and Local Courier Shipments

Experience a unified dashboard designed for efficiency and scalability, streamlining the management of all your perishable shipment and delivery needs.

Designed by Food Brands, for Food Brands

A Collaborative Approach to Logistics

With a rich history in the perishable CPG category since 2014 and experience in building brands like Raw Juicery, we know firsthand the challenges businesses like yours face. We've combined our knowledge, technology, and relationships to create a platform that helps you scale effectively and efficiently.

Strength in Numbers

Growing Together

Our robust community of 1500+ perishable brands empowers us to negotiate the best deals across all carriers. This advantage allows us to offer rates, services, and programs typically reserved for industry giants, providing your business with unparalleled benefits and opportunities.

Tailored Solutions

Optimized Shipping for Perishables

ShipFare provides specialized tools and algorithms designed for perishable goods, ensuring efficient order management and fulfillment. Customize your post-order flow and automate critical processes like box size, product weight, and required shipping service. Our platform even handles unique requirements like shipping with dry ice or adding insurance depending on weather conditions or recipient location.

Seamless Integration

Connect and Automate Your Shipments

Our platform easily integrates with major e-commerce platforms and offers a free open API for members, allowing you to synchronize, manage, and process your orders seamlessly. With just a few clicks, you can manage, process, and fulfill orders, automatically send tracking information to your store, and keep your customers informed.

Testimonial Fabalish
“ Shipfare enabled us to ship our products even faster to our customers while also making it cheaper. Most of all, the platform is easy to use and their customer support is stellar. So happy to have partnered with them. ”
Testimonial Balkan Bites
“ Before partnering with Shipfare, we had no choice but to pass on our high shipping costs to customers which prevented many from ordering. Most of the negative feedback that we received had to do with the cost of our Overnight Shipping. Shipfare has allowed us to decrease our flat rate shipping fees and offer Free Shipping nationwide for orders of $100 or more. We've seen a big uptick in orders from customers around the country. ”
Testimonial Appleton's Market
“ Shipfare has built an incredibly user-friendly interface that works really well with my Shopify store. It is a great one-stop shop to see all of my rate and configuration options and pick the one that works best for my business. Having the ability to send my products overnight has led to a lot of delighted customers and repeat business! ”
Testimonial All Fresh Seafood
“ We've been using Shipfare for almost two years. The dashboard is very user friendly along with there aggressive shipping rates makes it a must. There support is probably one the best I've seen. Great job team Shipfare! ”

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