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Streamline Your Perishable LTL Freight Shipping

ShipFare offers a powerful platform for managing LTL freight shipping of perishable goods, connecting you with carriers, offering automation tools, and providing cost savings.

LTL Freight Shipping Success

Your Partner for Perishable LTL Freight


LTL Shipments
ShipFare has facilitated over 10,000 LTL shipments for perishable goods,
ensuring on-time delivery and cost savings for our clients.


Savings on LTL Freight Up to
Our users enjoy up to 35% savings on their LTL freight shipping costs,
thanks to our collective buying power and negotiated discounts.


On-Time Delivery
ShipFare ensures your perishable LTL shipments are delivered on time,
with a 97% on-time delivery rate across all our shipping services.

Pain Points without ShipFare

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Complex LTL Freight Management

Managing LTL freight shipping for perishable goods can be challenging, with multiple carriers, specialized requirements, and limited visibility.
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High Shipping Costs

LTL freight shipping for perishable goods often comes with high costs, making it difficult for businesses to maintain profitability and expand their reach.
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Limited LTL Freight Options

Traditional shipping solutions often don't cater specifically to perishable goods, limiting the available options for businesses and complicating the shipping process.

LTL Freight Automation Tools

Consolidate all of your perishable shipping needs and carrier integrations under one roof.
Compliant Labeling.
Shipping Schedule.
Palletization Optimization.

ShipFare offers a range of automated tools tailored for perishable goods, simplifying your LTL freight shipping workflow. From optimized palletization to compliant labeling, we provide everything you need to scale your business.

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Exclusive LTL Freight Discounts and Savings

Benefit from our collective buying power to save on LTL freight shipping costs.
Cost Savings.
Exclusive Discounts.
Group Buying Power.

As a member of our 1500+ brand community, you'll enjoy exclusive discounts and savings on LTL freight shipping services. Our collective buying power enables us to negotiate the best rates, allowing you to save on every shipment.

Exclusive LTL Freight Discounts and Savings

Connect with a wide network of LTL freight carriers for your perishable goods.
Carrier Integrations.
Rate Comparison.
Shipment Tracking.

ShipFare's platform integrates with various LTL freight carriers, providing you with a single dashboard to manage all your perishable shipping needs. Easily compare rates, track shipments, and access tools specifically designed for perishable logistics.

Testimonial Fabalish
“ Shipfare enabled us to ship our products even faster to our customers while also making it cheaper. Most of all, the platform is easy to use and their customer support is stellar. So happy to have partnered with them. ”
Testimonial Balkan Bites
“ Before partnering with Shipfare, we had no choice but to pass on our high shipping costs to customers which prevented many from ordering. Most of the negative feedback that we received had to do with the cost of our Overnight Shipping. Shipfare has allowed us to decrease our flat rate shipping fees and offer Free Shipping nationwide for orders of $100 or more. We've seen a big uptick in orders from customers around the country. ”
Testimonial Appleton's Market
“ Shipfare has built an incredibly user-friendly interface that works really well with my Shopify store. It is a great one-stop shop to see all of my rate and configuration options and pick the one that works best for my business. Having the ability to send my products overnight has led to a lot of delighted customers and repeat business! ”
Testimonial All Fresh Seafood
“ We've been using Shipfare for almost two years. The dashboard is very user friendly along with there aggressive shipping rates makes it a must. There support is probably one the best I've seen. Great job team Shipfare! ”

Unified LTL Freight Management

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Access all your LTL freight shipping needs in one place, with a single dashboard and seamless carrier integrations.


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Simplify your shipping processes with our advanced automation tools designed specifically for perishable goods.

Cost Savings

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Leverage our collective buying power to secure exclusive discounts and savings on your LTL freight shipping costs.

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